Industrial Environmental Friendly Dust-free Manual Polishing Machine buffing wheel Polisher

The environmental friendly polish machine makes the working envionment clear and safe.The machine equiped with individual motor,suction ventilator and water circulation. 90% of the dust cause by the polishing process could be absorbed,thus make the air clear in the working environment. The machine working individually and could be move easily, convenient installation and operation.
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Industrial Vibratory Polishing Machine Grinding Polisher Tumbler Equipment Bowl 

Successful mass finishing applications are usually the result of a combination of creative process technology and innovative equipment engineering. This approach is reflected in the varied line of Jintaijin rotary vibrators with their enhanced performance characteristics. They combine Jintaijin’ s high equipment quality and reliability standards with a functional design. In addition, they are easy to operate and provide a high degree of productivity.

  • The machine uses international standard material and is save and stable
  • The mahince uses zero=emission dest extraction system to ensure cleanliness and environmental frinedliness
  • Adjustable speed with intelligent frequency converter
  • The machine's middle bearing has a large diameter to ensure safety,stablity and power

Traditional Manual Polishing Workshop:

Disorganized workshop
Multiple air suction pipes system, and the dry dust all cause the circuit safty hazard and fire safty hazard
High power consumpion due to the full set of suction system
High cost of the full working system

Environmental Friendly Manual Polishing Machine :

Clean and tidy
Working individually,the safe Water cycle system for dust-free
Absorb 90% of the dust cause by the polishing process
Removable individual machine, easy installation.



Q: Which sulotions/machine/abrasive suitable for us ?

A:Wewill suggest the sulotions/machine/abrasive according to the testing report after free testing of your aplicationsifyou cansent us your products.

Q: What after-sale service do you provide ?
A:Installation and training:Machine installations and operator training are performed by our team of highly skilled and experienced service enaineers
Spare partsservice:We maintain a complete inventory of spare parts in warehousedelivery to you in time.
Maintenance and repair service:We maintains a well trained staff of professional field service engineers to provide prompt reliable maintenance and repair service at competitive rates,as well as overhauls of your older eauipment

Professional advice:Our finishing specialists stand ready to provide answers to any question relating to specific surface finishing problems.Our decades of experience ensures that we will be able to provide you with the riaht answers

Q: How do you insure the quality ?
We have CE certificates for the products and IS09001 certificate for our factory.we have strict OC checking every details of the machine and full testing running before ship the machine.And we provide different wanrranties to the products.
O: How about the delietverv ?
Thepaymentterms is 30% deposit and 70% balance before shipment. And 15~30 days for production.1~3 days for stocks.The packaae always be wooden case.and we could arrange shipment for you by sea by air or by express(Door to Door

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