• How to improve the grinding efficiency of vibration
    How to improve the grinding efficiency of vibration October 31, 2022
    How to improve the grinding efficiency of vibration Last time, we have introduced the advantages of vibration. Now, let’s say something about how to improve the grinding efficiency of vibration. Firstly, choose the right polishing media is very important. For different products, it need to match with different media, even in different process. Such as for resin craftwork, we use resin media for the rough step and alumina porcelain or high frequency porcelain. But for metal parts, we use corundum spheres for the rough step and alumina porcelain for fine step. For different media, it has different cutting force, which can help to achieve the different effect Secondly, it’s about the brightening agent. Not matter rough step or fine step, we advise to add the brightening agent to help the media to display the biggest effect. Also the agent contains some ingredients which can protect the surface of workpiece. Thirdly, for different workpieces, we can choose different machine with suitable size to match. That will save polishing media and reduce working time and improve the grinding efficiency.
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  • The advantages of vibration
    The advantages of vibration October 19, 2022
    The advantages of vibration As we got lots of inquiries about the vibrating grinder. In fact, vibration as traditional polishing machine widely used in different industries. Such as Eyewear, arts and crafts, sanitary, medical and so on. The main purpose is to remove the burrs, polish and clean the rusted surfaces. Here, we would like to have a brief introduction for the advantage of vibration: 1.It suitable for lots of different material. Take Eyewear as an example, the injection frame can be polished in this machine, the metal temples also can be polished. Just change the media and process. 2. Easy to operate: Just put the workpiece and media inside the container, setting the data and turn on the start button, the whole polishing process can be finished by itself. 3. As the we have many different size and shape of vibration grinder, the producer can have different choices for different products. Take auto motor as an example, for the hub, we can use the round machine with 600L capacity. If for exhaust pipe, we can choose the 2400*800cm square machine.
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  • Grinding equipment--Wet grinder
    Grinding equipment--Wet grinder August 11, 2022
    Grinding equipment--Wet grinder The polishers have wet grinder and dry grinder. For all the polishers, can clean, smooth and refine items with basically no labor on your part. Today, we’re going to introduce wet grinders to you: For metal products. We can use wet grinder as following machine: This machine is specialized in surface treatment for metal products. There are 8 racks inside the barrel. All the products can be put on the rack one by one to avoid the scratches. We will design different rack to match different products. PLC controller (For export, all the information will update to English version) Frequency controller which make sure the speech should be match the different products. Operation plate. Please click the link for more details: We want to take metal eyewear temples as example for machine testing. Please contact us for more process details.
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  • Surface finished of Medical clam(Stainless steel)
    Surface finished of Medical clam(Stainless steel) March 12, 2022
    Surface finished of Medical clam(Stainless steel) Last time, we introduced the wet polishing of electrical heated tube in magnetic machine. Today, we will introduce the dry polishing of another product--Medical clam(stainless steel) Firstly, we should know about the polishing media. For dry polishing, we also have lots of different polishing abrasives. Such as walnut shell, beech wood, corncob and so on. For sure, different polishing steps should match different size media and different polish compound. Secondly, let me introduce our polishing machine we use for the medical clam. Here is our dry polishing machines for metal products. It has enough space for 480 pieces products(Size reference:30*15*10CM). It has different rack inside the barrel and the rack custom-made for different products. Here we take Medical clam(Stainless steel)as example: Original piece,rough and dirty... After rough polishing and fine polishing, the surface finished will be like: For more details, welcome to contact us for polishing process.
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  • Save Time and Money with a Tumbling machine
    Save Time and Money with a Tumbling machine June 30, 2022
    Save Time, Grit, Polish and Electricity Compare to traditional polishing machine- vibration, our tumbling machine for injection can help the producers to save time and money. Here we have a comparison for your reference: Now, let’s introduce this machine by details: Firstly, the appearance of machine base on the design in year 2018, we made more improved in size, safety protection and operation ease. Secondly, it about the reduce the noise. For vibration, one machine will cause higher than 95 db, when it works. And if more 6 sets machines working together, the decibel will be higher than 130 db, which are very harmful for the operators, But for the tumbling machine, one machine will cause lower than 60 db, and it won’t higher than 85 db, even 18 sets machine working together. Thirdly, this machine controlled by PLC, which make sure the polishing time are same in positive and negative rotation. The surface finished will be more stable. Fourth, the automatic water inlet and outlet system, improve the surface clearness of products, which will be better for painting step, save the paint and increase the spray paint quality. Here we take injection sunglasses as reference: This polishing machine effective for inner groove & model line,saving paint due to the smooth surface finished. There are only 2 step for the whole polishing process: 1.5 hrs for rough polishing and 0.5 hrs for fine polishing. According to all the data, we recommend this tumbling machine for injection products.
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  • Surface finished of electrical heated tube(copper)
    Surface finished of electrical heated tube(copper) January 12, 2022
    We have different kinds of polishing machines. Totally can be divided into two main types: wet polishing and dry polishing. For wet polishing process, the media and paste need to mix with water together inside the machines. Magnetic machine is one of this machine. The electrical heated tube (copper) can be polished in the magnetic machine. In fact, the small metal piece without magnetism can be put inside this machine, such as copper, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium... This is magnetic polishing machine. It has super strong magnetic force to drive the small grinding steel needles to produce effects, such as high suspension flowing vibration and reverse rolling to create friction. Here we take electrical heated tube (copper) as example: Original piece,rough and dirty... After 30 min. polishing in the magnetic machine, the surface finished will be like: For more details, welcome to contact us for polishing process
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