• Construction & Agricultural
    Construction & Agricultural cleaning,descaling,derusting for components of heavy equipment as construction and agricultual Components of heavy equipment as construction,agricultural,material handling require extensive surface treatment after the fabrication and welding steps to ensure that components and equipment meet the stringent requirements for reliability and durability under the most demanding conditions in the field.Surface treatment is a challenge due to the complex geometry of the workpiece Whether you need to clean the weld line, clean the surface of a complex casting or descale and phosphorus from the part -- only the best finishing of the workpiece ensures that the latter process (such as cathodic dip coating (CDP or E coating)) is the best.For construction and agricultural machinery,our grinding technology and vibrating finish technology can provide customized system solutions for the user's different products.From welded structures to forged or cast components,our surface treatment technology ensures the best finish results and achieves the highest quality requirements of our customers.
  • Grinding equipment--Wet grinder
    Grinding equipment--Wet grinder The polishers have wet grinder and dry grinder. For all the polishers, can clean, smooth and refine items with basically no labor on your part. Today, we’re going to introduce wet grinders to you: For metal products. We can use wet grinder as following machine: This machine is specialized in surface treatment for metal products. There are 8 racks inside the barrel. All the products can be put on the rack one by one to avoid the scratches. We will design different rack to match different products. PLC controller (For export, all the information will update to English version) Frequency controller which make sure the speech should be match the different products. Operation plate. Please click the link for more details: We want to take metal eyewear temples as example for machine testing. Please contact us for more process details.
  • Metal tools
    Our solutions for metal parts including polishing,cleaning,smoothing,buffing,deburring,rounding cut edge, and shiny surface finishing.
  • Foundry Products
    Vibration finishing equipment and barrel equipment for the foundry industry:  complete solution from one mold Sand-falling and descaling of castings made by casting technology have the most stringent requirements on surface treatment.Whether die cast from steel, cast iron, aluminum, zinc or magnesium or plastic: Our surface finishing tech and equipment for the foundry industry can meet any requirement for optimal process flow based on its extensive product range.The selection of the correct equipment is determined by the production method and process of the compoent, as well as the type, quantity and size.In order to develop the most suitable process for you, please contact us directly.
  • Aerospace
    "The aerospace industry requires its suppliers to provide high quality materials and minimize machining errors.Our Surface Technologies is a leading provider of complete solutions for rotary polishing, vibrating light equipment and process solutions required for the surface treatment of aircraft engines, aircraft landing gear and aircraft structural components.The surface treatment of these important aircraft parts can not only improve the fatigue resistance of the parts, but also achieve a specific surface finish.This will greatly extend the service life of the parts. Our aerospace product range includes machines,media and processes of cleaning, paint removal, wet polish,dry polishing.Not only the finishing of the outer surface of the parts, but also the finishing of the inner surface such as drilling or through holes.polishing processes process engine blade, rotor and stator surfaces to deliver significant performance improvements in fuel consumption, exhaust limiting temperatures and low metal wear rates."
  • Medical Instrument
    The bone nail,bone plates and prosheses come in various size and shpes,From the simple clamp to surgical tools to dental braces, instruments represent a particular technical challenge. Without damaging the shape and functionality, the surface of the components must be ground and smoothed and polished for sterilization purposes
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