Tub Vibrators

Tub vibrators are a type of vibratory finishing machine used in the metalworking and manufacturing industries. They consist of a tub filled with media and parts that are vibrated to remove excess material and polish the surface. Tub vibrators are efficient and versatile, capable of processing large volumes of parts at once. They are commonly used for deburring, descaling, and surface preparation. Tub vibrators can be customized to meet specific finishing requirements, making them an effective and cost-efficient solution for many finishing applications.

  • Tub Vibrators
    1200L 42Cft Big Engine Parts Tub Vibratory Tumbling Machine
    A Heavy-Duty Mass Finishing System – Tub Vibrators Vibratory Tubs are very suitable for processing longer, larger, and sensitive workpieces but not for circular vibrators. In our range, you can choose different sizes and shapes of economy Vibratory Finishing Troughs. The Trough Vibrators’ imbalanced motors are powerful and reliable that can drive directly. If you want to handle multiple sensitive parts, Mass Polishing provides chamber dividers to avoid damage.   Applications >Crankshaft >Bearing cage >Turbine blade >Hydraulic housing >Transmission housing   Features > High-quality steel to increase durability & reduce maintenance > Powerful vibratory drive systems with variable speed > Suitable for large & value individual or irregular components > Chamber dividers prevent part on Part contact Technical Data Model L1300 L1500 L1800 Capacity(L/CuFt) 1200 / 42.4 1500 / 53.0 1800 / 63.6 L x W x H(mm/inch) 2700*1300*1400 / 106.3*51.2*55.1 3340*1290*1440 / 131.5*50.8*56.7 110.2*66.9*78.7 / 1560*1400*1570 Work Bowl Dimensions (mm/inch)  1200*1000*1000 / 47.2*39.4*39.4 1500*1000*1000 / 59.1*39.4*39.4 1560*1400*1570 / *55.1*61.8 Motor Power(kW) 5.0*2 5.5*2 7.5*2 PU Thickness(mm/inch) 20-35 / 0.8-1.4 20-35 / 0.8-1.4 20-35 / 0.8-1.4 Weight(kg/lbs)  2200 / 4850.2 2600 / 5732.0 3000 / 6613.9  Control Panels   √ √ √ Chamber Dividers  Optional Optional Optional   Options > Consumables > VFD > Chamber Dividers > Soundproof Cover > Control Panel > Water treatment

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