Save Time and Money with a Tumbling machine Jun 30, 2022

Save Time, Grit, Polish and Electricity

Compare to traditional polishing machine- vibration, our tumbling machine for injection can help the producers to save time and money. Here we have a comparison for your reference:

Now, lets introduce this machine by details:

Firstly, the appearance of machine base on the design in year 2018, we made more improved in size, safety protection and operation ease.

Secondly, it about the reduce the noise. For vibration, one machine will cause higher than 95 db, when it works. And if more 6 sets machines working together, the decibel will be higher than 130 db, which are very harmful for the operators, But for the tumbling machine, one machine will cause lower than 60 db, and it wont higher than 85 db, even 18 sets machine working together.

Thirdly, this machine controlled by PLC, which make sure the polishing time are same in positive and negative rotation. The surface finished will be more stable.

Fourth, the automatic water inlet and outlet system, improve the surface clearness of products, which will be better for painting step, save the paint and increase the spray paint quality.