Surface finished of electrical heated tube(copper) Jan 12, 2022

We have different kinds of polishing machines. Totally can be divided into two main types: wet polishing and dry polishing.

For wet polishing process, the media and paste need to mix with water together inside the machines. Magnetic machine is one of this machine.

The electrical heated tube (copper) can be polished in the magnetic machine. In fact, the small metal piece without magnetism can be put inside this machine, such as copper, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium...

This is magnetic polishing machine. It has super strong magnetic force to drive the small grinding steel needles to produce effects, such as high suspension flowing vibration and reverse rolling to create friction.

Here we take electrical heated tube (copper) as example:

Original piece,rough and dirty...

After 30 min. polishing in the magnetic machine, the surface finished will be like: