Surface finished of Medical clam(Stainless steel) Mar 12, 2022

Surface finished of Medical clam(Stainless steel)

Last time, we introduced the wet polishing of electrical heated tube in magnetic machine. Today, we will introduce the dry polishing of another product--Medical clam(stainless steel)

Firstly, we should know about the polishing media. For dry polishing, we also have lots of different polishing abrasives. Such as walnut shell, beech wood, corncob and so on. For sure, different polishing steps should match different size media and different polish compound.

Secondly, let me introduce our polishing machine we use for the medical clam. Here is our dry polishing machines for metal products. It has enough space for 480 pieces products(Size reference30*15*10CM). It has different rack inside the barrel and the rack custom-made for different products.

Here we take Medical clam(Stainless steel)as example:

Original piece,rough and dirty...

After rough polishing and fine polishing, the surface finished will be like: