How to improve the grinding efficiency of vibration Oct 31, 2022

How to improve the grinding efficiency of vibration

Last time, we have introduced the advantages of vibration. Now, let’s say something about how to improve the grinding efficiency of vibration.

Firstly, choose the right polishing media is very important. For different products, it need to match with different media, even in different process. Such as for resin craftwork, we use resin media for the rough step and alumina porcelain or high frequency porcelain. But for metal parts, we use corundum spheres for the rough step and alumina porcelain for fine step. For different media, it has different cutting force, which can help to achieve the different effect

Before polishing the keychainAfter polishing the keychainKeychain polishing comparison

Secondly, it’s about the brightening agent. Not matter rough step or fine step, we advise to add the brightening agent to help the media to display the biggest effect. Also the agent contains some ingredients which can protect the surface of workpiece.

Acetate Rolling Varnishacetate fine roller varnishMetal polishing roller polishMetal fine polishing polishing oil

Thirdly, for different workpieces, we can choose different machine with suitable size to match. That will save polishing media and reduce working time and improve the grinding efficiency.

Vibration polishing machineVibratory polishing equipmentLong polishing machinePallet turbinesChamfering and polishing machine


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