The advantages of vibration Oct 19, 2022

The advantages of vibration

As we got lots of inquiries about the vibrating grinder. In fact, vibration as traditional polishing machine widely used in different industries. Such as Eyewear, arts and crafts, sanitary, medical and so on. The main purpose is to remove the burrs, polish and clean the rusted surfaces.

Here, we would like to have a brief introduction for the advantage of vibration:

1.It suitable for lots of different material. Take Eyewear as an example, the injection frame can be polished in this machine, the metal temples also can be polished. Just change the media and process.

Polishing effect of gas valvePolishing effect of gears

Polishing of aircraft componentsPolishing effect of plastic eyeglass frames

2. Easy to operate: Just put the workpiece and media inside the container, setting the data and turn on the start button, the whole polishing process can be finished by itself.

3. As the we have many different size and shape of vibration grinder, the producer can have different choices for different products. Take auto motor as an example, for the hub, we can use the round machine with 600L capacity. If for exhaust pipe, we can choose the 2400*800cm square machine.

vibrating grinder

high quality vibrating grinder


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