Polishing effect of aerospace materials Oct 24, 2022

For the grinding and polishing of the implant surface, the surface of the workpiece can be ground to a smooth and bright effect, and then a bright surface color anode can be made. The use of this equipment can replace manual polishing

Polishing effect of aircraft partsPolishing effect of aircraft parts

Polishing effect of aircraft parts

Polishing effect of aircraft parts

The Molding or cutting, forging, injection molding, sintering and casting are all classic production processes for bone plates, implants and medical devices.Precision and reliability are common features of medical instruments, equipment, instruments and tools.To provide the best care to the patient, bone pins, bone plates, prosthetics of different sizes and shapes are needed.From simple forceps to surgical tools to forceps, various medical devices have specific technical requirements.The surface is polished without affecting the geometrical shape and function of the instrument, while the surface is rolled and polished for sterilization purposes.


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